Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins, Ph.D.


Director of Programs     and Communications, Former President,    League of Women    Voters of the U.S.

Former President,
  League of Women Voters
  of the United States
Former Director,
  Policy, Program & Communications,
  Hunt Institute, UNC Chapel Hill

What is the best career decision that you have made?

I pursue my passion, stay true to my values and am not hindered by the obstacles of gender, race or socioeconomics.  Whenever I was told that I couldn’t or shouldn’t, I did.  I made sure that I had the education and experience to prepare me for any opportunity that presented itself or that I would need to initiate.

If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently?

I would not do anything differently, because each experience on my career journey has led me to the place where I am today.  Perhaps an earlier appreciation that though good work speaks for itself, networking and self-advocacy are equally important.

How have women helped  further your career?

Directly and indirectly.  I have been inspired by women who made a difference, persevered, been trailblazers and made contributions to the greater good while struggling to balance family, career and social obligations.  I have had mentors and role models from all walks of life, beginning with the women in my own family and including men who believed in encouraging women in leadership positions.




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