Forum releases new Gender and Power Report

Study after study shows that when women seek and serve political office – elected or appointed – they achieve the same success as their male counterparts. Yet women remain severely underrepresented in North Carolina politics, and most especially on “power boards.” Since power boards have critical decision-making and policy-making authority, they are highly sought-after appointments.

For the last two decades, the Women’s Forum of North Carolina has studied gender composition and appointment patterns on power boards. As with elected offices in North Carolina, membership on power boards remains heavily populated by men. The officials in charge of appointing people to power boards—including the governor, Speaker of the House, and President pro tem in the Senate—have all changed over the fourteen year span of the study, yet the pattern of women’s under representation on power boards remains.

With the research we conducted, we can make the following conclusions about North Carolina women on power boards. First, power boards remain over represented by men. Second, appointment patterns have changed little, demonstrating a fundamental weakness in the system across time. Third, there have been few changes in terms of the types of power boards that are most likely to appoint women, meaning that gender stereotypes prevail.

2013 Report: Closing the Leadership Gap: Achieving Gender Equity on North Carolina Boards and Commissions



WF Adopts Resolution Calling for Repeal of HB2

At its Spring 2016 Meeting the Women’s Forum adopted the following: Resolution Calling for the Repeal of HB2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act enacted as S.L. 2016-3 WHEREAS, on February 22, 2016, the Charlotte City Council approved a local ordinance that adds marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression […]


Attend a virtual Women’s Forum Conference

Video archive of the April 2, 2016, Women’s Forum regional conference.


Women’s Forum 2016 Spring Meeting

Along with networking, the Spring 2016 meeting of the Women’s Forum will focus on Safety and Security in the Community and related legislation.